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BONUS | A Conversation with Enneagram Magazine

April 8, 2021

Surprise! Enjoy this bonus episode with our friends Bekah TenHaken and Molly Tindall, the creative and kind geniuses behind Enneagram Magazine. Enneagram Magazine is a bold, profound, and beautiful contribution to today’s enneagram landscape. Thanks to Bekah and Molly for joining us to talk about it! And use the code: “FATHOMS” for 10% off your Enneagram Magazine order! 

  • About Bekah & her enneagram origin story [1:45]
  • About Molly & her enneagram origin story [4:45]
  • Their enneagram elevator pitches [8:00]
  • The heart behind Enneagram Magazine [10:40]
  • In the current glut of enneagram content, what makes this mag unique? [13:15]
  • A rundown of currently available issues [17:10]
  • Why Drew can’t take Enneagram Magazine issues out of the house [18:15]
  • A preview of the current issue: JUSTICE…and why it’ll ruffle some feathers [20:00]
  • The story of this year’s 4 issue series: Soil [Justice], Seed [Health], Plant [Endeavor], Fruit [Wonder] [25:28]


Follow Enneagram Magazine:

  • www.enneagrammagazine.com 
  • Use the code “FATHOMS” for 10% off. 
  • Insta: @enneagrammagazine


Have a question? Send it to us through our instagram account! Our DMs our open. 


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