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Interview | Understanding the Inner Critic with Lynda Roberts

March 25, 2021

In this episode, the Seths and Drew talk with one of our enneagram teachers, Lynda Roberts (Type 6). Lynda is an authorized Enneagram Institute teacher, former president of the Intl. Enneagram Association, and brings a wealth of enneagram experience and has some important wisdom on the inner critic of each type.  

  • Lynda’s enneagram journey [3:40]
  • Lynda’s enneagram elevator pitch [7:00]
  • When it’s ok to start teaching and coaching the enneagram [9:50]
  • Lynda’s experience as a Type 6 [11:20]
  • The type of enneagram work Lynda is doing now [14:30]
  • Lynda’s experience as IEA president [16:45]
  • The Diamond Heart approach - What is it? [19:20]
  • The inner critic (it’s not just about Type 1!) [24:15]
  • Where the inner critic comes from [26:40]
  • The difference between inner critic vs. inner conscience [29:30]
  • What to do with your inner critic [31:10]
  • The Welcoming Prayer [36:50]
  • The inner critic for each enneagram type [39:30]
  • Where to find Lynda [53:30]


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Ways to find Lynda and her work: 

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